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Abaco Neem Ltd was started by our Team Leader Nick Miaoulis. His intention is to help to contribute to the healthcare of The Bahamas, his homeland. Our priority is one of “Sincere and Helpful Service” it is inscribed above the doors entering our production facility.

We are proud to be growing on a certified organic farm and producing our products in a clean facility where standards are maintained to produce the highest quality neem product on the world market!

featured products

Neem Infused Hand Sanitizer 4oz

It is safe, effective and non-irritating. It has proven safe for all skin types with any reports of drying or irritating.

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Pet Cake Supplement 1 or 2 cup

The pet cake comes from the pressed neem seed, is a very effective immune support for your pet.

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Abaco Neem Herbal Supplements - Certified Organic

Neem Leaf Herbal Supplement 100 per bottle

Neem leaf capsules fortifies the immune system, is a natural blood purifier and detoxifier, raises serotonin levels keeping and assisting in balancing hormones and acts as a natural sleep aide for sleep disorders.

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I cannot express how very important proper dental hygiene is to your overall health! From an early age we need to teach our children to floss and brush with a good soft to medium bristled brush and a good aluminum free paste or tooth powder.

Everything that goes into your mouth goes into your blood stream and directly to your heart! Your gums are a good indicator of the health of your heart. Gum disease is caused by bacteria that contributes to dental plaque that forms on teeth. Like all chronic diseases, gum disease cannot be cured but it can be controlled. Firstly, you should have regular visits to your dentist and dental hygienist for professional cleaning. Secondly and most important, is daily brushing, morning and night and after eating whenever possible. Using our bacteria fighting Neem Bark Toothpowder  with a few drops of Neem Leaf Extract  and if there is any bleeding gums (indicates gum disease) coat the gum with a drop of our certified organic Abaco Neem Oil https://abaconeem.com/product/pure-neem-oil/

Make your teeth and gums a priority to ensure good health, they can’t take care of themselves!



The importance of proper dental hygiene.

The best Neem anywhere. 100% Organic. The owners are super friendly and helpful.

Erik Cohen

I’ve been using this product for 12years! I own a preschool center my immune system is strong due to this product. I use to get very ill and 4 allergy shots, allergy meds, and inhaler after taking this product my allergy dr released me after 6 months he was amazed!

Rhonda Johnson

Love this place and their products! Very kind and loving atmosphere. You can definitely tell they truly care about what they do. I will always be making a stop here during every vacation!

Casey Bailey

Abaco Neem Oil, specifically, as well as their other products, but especially the oil, is literally amazing. When we’re in the Bahamas, I frequently am the cruisers’ net anchor on the morning VHF radio, and do promotions for local businesses. I vetted my script (based on personal experience as well as their marketing materials) with them before using it. I had described it as a miracle drug (more later) but they cautioned that it is NOT a drug but rather a natural element and treated as a supplement. With that caveat, I have had personally astounding results with the oil, and have donated the few drops required (literally – a single drop goes a long way) to allow fellow cruisers to experience the healing and topical relief it provides. A few examples: I occasionally get topical dermatitis – locally inflamed and terribly itchy skin, particularly from things like poison ivy. In the Bahamas, there is a “poisonwood tree” – contact with that will raise a welt for most people. Sure enough, I got into some without realizing it, and it started spreading systemically – throughout my body via the bloodstream. The area directly affected was truly maddening – and the prescription steroidal cream I had did nothing to provide relief. A few drops, rubbed directly into the skin, within a single day, cleared it up entirely. No more welts, no more itching, and no other sites trying to spring up (systemically). It’s also amazingly healing. In prepping our boat for hurricane Matthew last fall, I slipped on the wet deck and barked my shin dramatically. Here’s a before and after picture of my wound, 4 days apart. It’s since healed completely. It’s proven similarly effective in instantly arresting hotspots on our geriatric long-haired chihuahua. Likewise, a capsule of the ground leaf extraction his dinner has stopped his itching overall Basically we have concluded that if it involves the skin, the oil is a curative. The owner’s wife had discolorations on the order of birthmarks on her face, all of her adult life. You guessed it – gone in days. I could go on, but likely you’d be overwhelmed. It suffices to say that they have many other products derived from the neem tree; their website will tell you about them. It absorbs readily into your skin, leaving it supple, not greasy. For us, it’s beyond amazing. The typical is either a 1/2 oz. or 1 oz. bottle, with a dropper. We felt strongly enough that we bought a 4-ounce bottle, normally used as a supply item for resellers to use in filling their bottles, and are still using that despite not having been back to Marsh Harbour (home of Abaco Neem) for well over a year – and that includes all the folks we’ve helped with our supply. Note that if it doesn’t say “Abaco Neem” it’s not – it’s just some other neem product. I can’t speak to those, but if the label has anything other than 100% pure neem in it, it’s not going to work as well. We love it.

Skip Gundlach

Once we bathed in the neem, the wound took a drastic “healing change” that had never been seen before! 12 hours was like a week of healing on its own! We were overwhelmed and astonished as to the healing properties that are in the neem! This product should be in every house, vet and equine center! “Organic Abaco Neem’s” reputation certainly follows true when using high-quality products such as this! I have used supplements for years under doctors and experts care! It has been stressed to me many times the difference between high quality and low-quality supplement! Organic Abaco Neem certainly is one of the highest quality, purest products on the market! Thank you for your honesty and care, in producing such a product! Thank you for your honesty and care , in producing such a product!

Karen Murphy

When I first was introduced to Abaco Neem it was to treat discoloration on my face due to hormonal changes. I used it both morning and evening for about 10 months religiously and it totally evened out my skin tone. I have used to ever since and the discoloration has never returned. It also improved the elasticity in my skin giving a tighter more youthful look!

Daphne de Gregory