Abaco Neem was founded in early 1993 by proprietor Nick Miaoulis, a native Bahamian introduced to Neem by Mr. John Conrick, President of The Neem Association, at a botanical show in Gainesville, Florida.

He became attracted to the plant’s ability to help control high blood pressure and diabetes, two diseases common in his family and prevalent in the Bahamas.

In February of 1994, 120 acres of land near Casuarina Point, 13 miles south of Marsh Harbour, was acquired to establish the Abaco Neem Farm.

Today there are 8,500 Neem trees on the Abaco Neem farm. Abaco Neem produces over 23 different products for the body, alternative preventative medicinal products, as well as home, garden and pet products.  All of these are produced using our own certified organic Neem leaf and oil, with our commitment to quality and environmentally friendly farming practices. Our motto is Abaco Neem “To Help the Body Heal


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John Doe

Once we bathed in the neem, the wound took a drastic “healing change” that had never been seen before! 12 hours was like a week of healing on its own! We were overwhelmed and astonished as to the healing properties that are in the neem! This product should be in every house, vet and equine center! “Organic Abaco Neem’s” reputation certainly follows true when using high-quality products such as this! I have used supplements for years under doctors and experts care! It has been stressed to me many times the difference between high quality and low-quality supplement! Organic Abaco Neem certainly is one of the highest quality, purest products on the market! Thank you for your honesty and care, in producing such a product! Thank you for your honesty and care , in producing such a product!

Karen Murphy